ALI COLA ● “A Statement For More Tolerance”—THJNK AG, LOVED, Hamburg, 2016

ALI COLA is a pro-tolerance statement in rough political times: We designed the first cola that comes in different skin colors. They taste all exactly the same—just look different on the outside. Kinda like people. █

Coverage about ALI COLA exceeded all expectations. HIGHSNOBIETY, BUSINESS PUNK, VICE, GQ, ESQUIRE and many more reported on our cola in skin colors. Famous German TV show Galileo featured ALI COLA in prime time.

ADC Germany 2017: 1×Silver, 2×Bronze
Cannes Lions 2017: 1×Bronze (Design)
Clio 2017: 2×Silver
Eurobest 2017: 1×Gold
Red Dot Award 2017: 1×Best of the Best
ADC Global 2018: 2×Bronze 

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