Matthäus Frost began his career at TBWA in Berlin in 2007 where he worked on international brands such as ABSOLUT, ADIDAS, APPLE and PLAYSTATION. (Shooting iPhone commercials for weeks in Hollywood studios as a junior art director still is one of his best memory of that time.) From 2009 to 2014 he was with SERVICEPLAN in Munich, from 2013 on as creative director. (Being awarded with the Design Grand Prix on stage of the ‘Palais des Festivals‘ in Cannes is a great memory, too). In 2015 he built up the design unit at FCB in Chicago working for clients such as BUD LIGHT LIME, BOEING and MASERATI. (Working on the 21st floor of ‘The John Hancock Center‘, living on the 37th floor at North Lake Shore Drive—another unforgettable experience). Since 2016, Matthäus has been working at THJNK operating across all locations and in an interdisciplinary manner.

Matthäus has amongst others, won the CANNES LIONS Grand Prix (2), RED DOT Grand Prix, EUROBEST Grand Prix and the LIA Grand Prix. He is a member to the Art Directors Club Germany (ADC) and  D&AD London. █

After 7pm he prefers biking, magazines, dining, modern arts, architecture, drinks, music, writing his book, helicopters and a lot of other things over advertising.  

● 01/2016—today

● 01/2015—01/2016

● 05/2009—12/2014

● 05/2007—04/2009
TBWA, Youngblood, JrAD, 

JUDGED AT: ONE SHOW YOUNG ONES 2014, USA; NEW YORK FESTIVALS 2014, USA; ADC 2014, Germany; DAS PLAKAT 2014, Germany; AD STARS 2015, Korea; ADC 2015, Germany; AD STARS 2016, Korea; ADC 2018, Germany; ADC 2019, Germany


CANNES LIONS Silver in 2018, Bronze in 2017, Grand Prix in 2013, Silver in 2013, Grand Prix in 2012, 2×Gold in 2012, Silver in 2012, Bronze in 2012; D&AD Wood Pencil (Bronze) in 2016, Nomination (Silver) in 2012, 2×in Book (Bronze) in 2012; LIA Bronze in 2018, Grand Prix Design in 2013, 2×Gold in 2013, 2×Gold in 2012; EUROBEST Silver 2018, Gold in 2017, Grand Prix in 2013, 3×Gold in 2012, 2×Bronze in 2012; ADC 2×Silver in 2017, 4×Bronze in 2017, 2×Gold in 2014, Silver in 2014, 4×Bronze in 2014, 2×Gold in 2012, 2×Silver in 2012; ADC EUROPE 2×Gold in 2012, Nomination in 2012; IF DESIGN AWARD Gold in 2013; ONE SHOW 2×Bronze Pencils in 2016, 3×Merit Awards in 2016, 2×Merit Award 2014, Best of Show in 2012, 3×Gold in 2012; NEW YORK FESTIVALS Bronze in 2018, 2nd Prize in 2014, 3rd Prize in 2014, Finalist in 2014, 4×Gold in 2012; CLIO AWARDS 2×Silver in 2018, 2×Silver in 2017, Silver in 2016, Gold in 2014, 5×Silver in 2014, 2×Bronze in 2014, 2×Gold in 2012, Silver in 2012, Bronze in 2012; ADC NEW YORK 2×Bronze in 2018, Gold in 2012, Bronze in 2012; RED DOT AWARD Winner in 2018, Best of the Best 2017, 2×Winner 2017, Winner 2014, Grand Prix in 2013; etc.

WORKED FOR: ABSOLUT, Adidas, AKZENT Invest, Allianz, Apple, Audi, BMW, Boeing, Bud Light lime, Deutsche Bahn, DER SPIEGEL, Gardena, KFC, KfW, MASERATI, McDonald's, Michelob Ultra, mobile.de, O2, Pedigree, Penny, Playstation, Porsche Design, Sixt.

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